Habits That Can Hurt Your Teeth

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Did you know that some habits you may have can actually hurt your teeth? Not only could some of them lead to a cracked tooth, but some could even harm your jaw. At some point in our lives, we have likely all been guilty of doing one or more of these. We’ll take a look at these habits and identify ways you can break them.

-Frequent snacking: Constantly eating sugary foods or drinks may cause you to have cavities. Instead you could have a balanced meal to help you stay full. If you do eat something sugary, drinking a lot of water can help rinse out any food particles.
-Brushing too hard: This can ultimately wear the enamel on your teeth away and can aggravate your gums. You can give using a soft toothbrush a try.
-Grinding and clenching: These two habits could lead to a chipped tooth and may cause joint pain or muscle tenderness in your jaw. You could do relaxation exercises. Many times, being aware of the habit can help you break it during the day. At night, you may want to consider using a mouth guard.
-Chewing on ice cubes: This popular habit can lead to one of your teeth or fillings breaking. To help stop, you can use a straw or drink chilled beverages without ice.
-Biting your nails: Your teeth can get chipped and frequently bringing your lower forward in this manner could cause injury. To help you stop you could use a bitter-tasting nail polish, reduce stress or keep your hands busy by holding something whenever the urge arises.
-Using your teeth as tools: This can significantly elevate the risk of you cracking a tooth or hurting your jaw. Instead, take the time to find an appropriate tool or ask someone for help.

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