The Time to Floss

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Do you know how often to floss? Or do you know when the last time you flossed was? If you’re like most people, it’s probably a lot longer ago than it should’ve been. However, flossing is something you can’t afford to get lazy about.

A lot of the problem with flossing is that it’s not done regularly, so when you do floss, it irritates your gums for a few days. If you floss at the right frequency, though, your gums will quickly adjust. Your oral health will adjust as well, improving leaps and bounds.

How often do I floss?
A good guideline to start with is flossing once a day. Before bed is a good time, since you can clean out the day’s detritus before sleeping. Most any dentist will advise you to do this.

You do want to floss after meals if you feel something stuck in your teeth. Dr. Jeffery Carver advises his patients to do this instead of picking at their teeth.

Why do I need to floss?
The team at Quail Ridge Dental in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, recommends flossing for a simple reason – we see firsthand the great benefits it brings to so many people. Your oral health will get such a boost from flossing. Your risk for cavities plummets. You’ll have healthier gums. You’ll even be able to avoid gum disease.

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