Think of Your Teeth When on Medications

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Have you ever thought about your oral health needs when you take on medications? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people neglect their oral health care when on medications, which often leads to oral health disasters. That is why, our team here at Quail Ridge Dental in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is happy to talk to you about this important connection between your medications and smile.

There are many common side effects ranging from dizziness to dry mouth. Did you know, dry mouth is a serious threat to your oral health? Well, it’s true! Saliva helps keep food from settling too long around your teeth and gum line, which produces plaque. When dry mouth occurs, this means your smile is under threat to plaque and tooth decay.

Various cancer treatments can also affect your oral health. That is why, if you are undergoing cancer treatment, be sure to talk to your dentist and tell them what medications you are taking. Your dentist, Dr. Jeffery Carver, cares for your physical health, as well as your smile’s health. So, make sure you talk to your dentist to help your smile stay in white and bright shape.

With so many different medications on the market, we understand it is hard to keep track of which ones to watch out for. That is why having a healthy routine of brushing twice a day for two minutes a day mixed with daily flossing is vital to keep up. Having these healthy habits can save your smile from harm in the future.

If you would like to learn more about your oral health, please call us today at 928-855-5042. Our friendly staff is always happy to take your call and give you a healthy smile you can be proud of no matter what treatments you are on. So, call us today and let us help your smile today!