Tips to Help You Feel Less Anxious at Your Next Dental Visit

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Do you dread visiting the dentist for dental appointments of any kind? Many patients experience dental anxiety, but we want to help you feel less anxious at Quail Ridge Dental. If you struggle with dental anxiety, our dentist can help you determine if you need the following relaxation techniques:

– Having someone accompany you to your visit: A trusted family member or friend who isn’t affected by dental anxiety can comfort and reassure you during treatment.

– Using breathing exercises: You can lower your heart rate and feel more relaxed by inhaling deeply and holding your breath for several seconds before releasing it slowly.

– Occupy your mind with a favorite pastime: Speak with our team in advance if you would like to bring music, a book, or a movie to distract you from the treatment.

– Sharing a “stop” signal with our dentist: When you signal to Dr. Jeffery Carver that you need a break, he can pause treatment at a safe time, giving you more control over your session.

– Ask us about sedation dentistry: Dr. Jeffery Carver can recommend sedatives such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation to help you feel more relaxed.

We invite you to call 928-855-5042 today and speak with our team at Quail Ridge Dental to learn more about remedies for dental anxiety in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.